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Nguyen Trinh Thi


born 1973

Lives and works in Hanoi Vietnam



see her work on Youtube: Love Man Love Woman - documentary film



Nguyen Trinh Thi is a Hanoi-based independent documentary filmmaker and video artist. She

possesses Masters in Professional Journalism, University of Iowa; and a Masters, Pacific

International Affairs majoring in Southeast Asian Studies, University of California, San Diego. She was trained in Photography and Ethnographic Film and Media Methods. 


She has produced documentary and experimental films that have been screened in film festivals n USA, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Brazil, and in Europe. Recent art exhibitions of her work include ‘LIM DIM’, Stenersen Museum, Oslo, 2009; ‘The Making of the New Silk Roads’, ArtHub, Bangkok, 2009; ‘10+’, Nha San Studio, Hà N!i, Vietnam, 2008; ‘Strategies from Within: An Exhibition of Vietnamese and Cambodian Contemporary Art Practices’, Ke Center for Contemporary Arts, Shanghai, China, 2008 and ‘In the course of our exchange’, Yunart Contemporary Art Gallery, Kunming, China, 2008. 


She founded Hanoi Independent Documentary & Experimental Filmmakers Forum (Hi-DEFF) in

2007 to encourage independent filmmaking in Vietnam and collaborations among artists,

filmmakers and others that holds biweekly documentary and experimental film screenings; founded and directed Hanoi DOCLAB, a new center for documentary filmmaking and video art in Hanoi.






 “Rain, Poems, Toilet Paper”: documentary, 70 minutes, video, color (in production)


“Chronicle of a Tape Recorded Over”: experimental documentary, 40 minutes, video, color (in



“Spring Comes Winter After”: experimental video, 6 minutes, color (2009)


“93 Years, 1383 Days”: experimental documentary, 30 minutes, video, color (2008) 


 “Love Man Love Woman”: documentary, 52 minutes, video, color (2007)


“A Chungking Road Opening”: documentary, 20 minutes, video, color (2005)