How to Make Money From Football

I noticed that playing soccer and betting on soccer have a lot in common. There are ups and downs in any game or wager, and occasionally there are turnarounds.

However, I’ve discovered that the majority of the “unpredictables” in soccer live betting can be decoded.

The odds offered by bookies are a reflection of the teams’ performance on the field from the bookmakers’ perspective. Thus, if we accept the bookies’ interpretation of the game as reflected in the odds, we cannot be far wrong.

This turns soccer live betting into a genuine gold mine IF we can “understand the odds” and place winning bets. With so many live bets available on match days, there are lots of winning opportunities to be had.

(Live betting is sometimes referred to as in-play betting, in-running betting, in-game betting, and running ball betting.)

I was looking for a soccer live betting site that could teach me how to read the odds, which is a necessary skill for lucrative live betting. I uncovered what I was looking for in this 108-page soccer live betting strategy, and allow me to demonstrate what I discovered.

1) Fixing Of Matches At The End Of The Soccer Season

The European soccer season has come to a conclusion. There have been games played and matches won and lost.

This is the time of year when rumours of match rigging resurface.

How could we ignore the rumor when entirely unexpected outcomes occur… especially at this critical stage of the season, when teams are vying for coveted spots in European competitions or avoiding relegation?

Naturally, like with any sport, there are always freak results. A referee’s or linesman’s single blunder might mean the difference between winning and losing.

For standard bets, unless the punter has access to the match fixing syndicate, it can be difficult to’smell out’ questionable matches. He must be cautious for any unusual odds fluctuations or pricing that appear to be too good to be true. The onus is on him to exercise caution before placing his wagers.

Because the odds are updated in real time as the match progresses, if a syndicate manipulated a game, say the Home team to lose, their bad performance would be reflected in the odds changes. Thus, this is one advantage that live bets have over standard bets, if you can understand the odds.

2) The Most Valuable Lesson This System Has Taught Me

This book taught me to view the odds from a new perspective – the perspective that resulted in the dole. I was unaware that the secret was concealed within the odds. Once you’ve discovered it, you’ll quickly realize how simple it is to profit from soccer live betting.

I really enjoy the chapter on “Timing Of The Bets.” The author has painstakingly outlined how he determines the most “profitable” periods to put bets. The screen photos made it really simple to comprehend.

3) The Most Valuable Tip I’ve Ever Received

For me, the most valuable lesson I’ve learnt is the discipline required to adhere to the criteria for each of the ten techniques.

I recognized that the criteria form the strategy’s core and that by adhering to them completely, I will avoid being enticed to depart due to emotion.

I’ll only wager when the selection satisfies all of the conditions perfectly. This practice instills me with the utmost confidence when I put each wager.